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Posts from — August 2008

Requiescat in Pace

My Aunt Kathy–my mom’s sister, my son’s great aunt–died today, not quite eight months after the discovery of an inoperable tumor in her brain. Kathy made it to her sixty-ninth birthday, two and a half weeks ago: needless to say, this was far too young.

Update: Kathy’s obituary has been published (scroll to end of page).

Update 2: The La Crosse Tribune published a separate appreciation of Kathy.

I last saw Aunt Kathy over Mothers’ Day weekend, when my wife and I took Matthew to visit Kathy in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, meeting up also with my mother and my cousins. Kathy and my mom traveled together frequently, visiting us in DC perhaps a half a dozen times. Kathy most recently made the trip in early November, a month an a half before her disease would be noticed, and at the time, there was no sign of it. Kathy was truly excited to meet Matthew then, and she loved him as enthusiastically as she loved her grandchildren, and I am sad that Matthew will not grow up with her as a part of his life.

Kathy was at peace when she died; she was at home, with her family. 

Kathy’s husband Terry kept an online journal throughout the course of the disease. Reading the entries, one can see that Kathy’s friends and family did much to bring comfort, and to provide joy, to Kathy in her final months. It is clear that Terry cared deeply for Kathy; the writing spells out in detail what it means to comfort and care for someone. Terry provides us with an impeccable example of what you do for someone you love who is in the deepest need. We can all take inspiration from him; I certainly do.

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Long time, no post

It’s really amazing, how once a week goes by in which I don’t post anything to this blog, it’s very easy for the next week to roll on past with no posts either. Sort of similar to the way it becomes harder and harder to reply to an email, the longer it sits in your inbox.

This evening, I saw Amtrak‘s southbound Crescent as it was pulling in to Union Station. Since my schedule is somewhat regular now, I manage to see this train every few weeks, because it’s scheduled to arrive just at about the time I’m almost home on the Metro. Yesterday, on account of an early arrival home, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Capitol Limited, which is a treat because it’s the only Superliner train that comes to DC. Simple pleasures.

Last week I was in Wisconsin, at “The Lake,” the annual gathering of my extended family. I hope to blog about “The Lake” soon. 

I do have other posts in the works: about French Trams, about the way the Brompton has changed my commute, and a review of Outside Lies Magic. I do hope to get around to writing them all.

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