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Announcing the Peter Picture of the Day

Peter Quinn Metcalf was born January 27th, 2011, at 8:56pm. I’m pleased to announce the Peter Picture of the Day, a photoblog featuring pictures of Peter. It’s modeled after his brother’s photoblog, the Matthew Picture of the Day, which has been running for three and a half years. Although the blogs look alike, there are a few subtle changes to the PPOD, some of which I hope to incorporate into the MPOD.

Most notably, the full scale picture is now available: simply click on the picture and you will be able to download the full picture. This should make for much better prints for those who wish to print out PPOD pictures. Warning: if uncropped, these pictures are about 3MB apiece. That seemed much too large back when I established the MPOD, and so it has used the display size only of 720 pixels wide. But these days, a 3MB image doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

I’m also now posting the date that each photograph was taken (a feature I should be able to add soon to MPOD), and I’m also putting the comments section on the main page, instead of in a pop-up window. As with MPOD, each commenter’s first comment must be approved by the moderator (me), to avoid spam postings.

I’ve loaded a couple of pictures to start things off, after which there should be one new picture each day, posted at about 6am Eastern Time.


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